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    1. Apartment Review - Tips for Renters
      Guide to moving into your next home, whether it's renting an apartment or buying a house. Includes info on choosing a location, determining your living requirements, researching the area, as well as other topics like deciding between a house or an apartment.

    2. Auction, Sell Homes, Land, Commercial Real Estate
      FREE LISTING site for private owners and real estate agents to Sell Home, Houses, Real Estate, apartments and Land at auction or fixed price .FREE LISTING site for private owners and real estate agents to Sell Home, Houses, Real Estate, apartments and Land at auction or fixed price

    3. Avoid Home Foreclosure Tips, Advice and News
      Provides information and assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure. It has a collection of posts and resources, blog related to foreclosure which will be helpful in understanding different foreclosure aspects and stop foreclosure. The site offers direction and helps homeowners in default to handle various foreclosure related issues.

    4. For sale by owner forum
      For Sale By Owner forum where buyers and sellers can discuss issues and ideas related to FSBO real estate. The FSBO forum includes seperate forums for buyers and sellers. Our members discuss the latest marketing techniques, how to find prospective buyers, where to find FSBO listings on the web, and much more.

    5. Home Buying Institute
      Library of home buying tips and advice. Includes articles from real estate agents, mortgage experts, credit advisors and more. Also offers the latest real estate news and a home-buying blog with weekly advice. This website was launched in 2005 with the purpose of becoming a one-stop-shop for home buying information.

    6. Home Loan Guide
      mortgagenloans - Guide of the leading home loans and home equity loan providers to meet your special needs and goals. The site offers useful information on equity loans refinance, home equity debt consolidation, home equity interest rates, home equity loan calculators.

    7. Online real estate course
      How to make money in real estate. Online 10 hours video course, with 41 legal forms, ready to be used. Free, 1 hour online evaluation. The definitive guide to new real estate investor. Creative for the experienced. - Module 1 - Getting Started Today - Module 2 - All About Mortgages and Financing - Module 3 - Investing In Real Estate Part 1 - Module 4 - Investing In Real Estate Part 2 - Module 5 - Creative Financing - Module 6 - More Creative Financing Techniques - Module 7 - How To Manage Your Property - Module 8 - Using Contracts And Options - Module 9 - Making Money With Foreclosures - Module 10 - Real Estate and Taxes

    8. Philippine Real Estate Buying Guide
      A guide when buying houses, land & condominiums in the Philippines. It includes info for former Filipinos, Balikbayans & foreigners who wish to purchase real estate in the Philippines. It discusses the Dual Citizenship Law for Balikbayans and list the requirements of the Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV) of the Philippine Retirement Authority for foreigners who would like to live in the Philippines.

    9. Portland Oregon Real Estate-Relocation Information.
      Real estate information for Portland homes and surrounding areas about the houses and properties and for sale by owner homes. Real estate agent , Salvador Del Cid can help you purchase or buy a home . Free Portland relocation package complete with Portland information about jobs, schools and Portland maps included.

    10. Real Estate Marketing
      Branding, Strategy, Online Marketing and more! Your one stop resource for real estate marketing knowledge. This blog is updated regularly to help buisy and not so buisy agents stay on top of their game! Brought to you buy provider of unlimited virtual tours for your properties.

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